Congratulations to big Dan A!

As many of you know Dan A. has been training for a triathlon since January.  He started training because his sister in law told him she could beat him hands down in any event they entered.  If any of know Dan he wasn’t about to back down to this challenge and embarked on a painful and long training routine.  Not only did Dan cycle, swim and run he consistently came to CrossFit Longevity 3 days a week to prepare.  If any of you took a class with Dan you know he was sore on Mondays by the moaning and groaning while we stretched.  There were some days I thought he wasn’t going to make it but he continued to impress me by showing up every week.

As the months clicked by something amazing started to happen, he started to get better, stronger and more conditioned.  Our conversations changed from “I’m here” to “I shaved almost 4 minutes off my ride on Sunday”.  He started to gain confidence in his abilities and started pushing himself harder and adding more weight during his metcons and strength work.  He started to loosen up and he started to move  100% better during the warm-ups and agility portions.  He was making progress and I think he was really starting to enjoy himself.

Off he went to Cal Poly to avenge his honor and show his sister in-law he was ready to make her eat her words.  As the story goes Dan exited the water slightly in front of his rival but a poor water to bike transition dropped him back a couple of minutes.  He caught his second wind on the bike gaining back all the minutes he had lost on his poor transition.  It was going to be a foot race to the finish.  As it turned out Dan finished 35 seconds behind his nemesis.  Not bad for his first Tri and not bad for a guy who trained for 6 months.  If you ask big Dan he will tell you his sister in-law conceded defeat by acknowledging his poor transition was what gave her room to hang on.  I think we all agree that’s a win!  Way to go Dan, you deserve it and worked your butt off to do it.  I’m honored to be your trainer and you are an inspiration to us all.  Keep up the good work and just think, you have the rest of the year to train for the next one!


Back Squat 1RM


Airdyne Sprints

7 Rounds

1 minute max calorie

1 minute off

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