The CrossFit Crossover

I was talking to one of my members on Wednesday about being very assertive and focused on both the strength and WOD portions of her hour with me and she said it has made her more assertive in her daily work life.  I got thinking about myself and CrossFit has made me more assertive and confident in the way I deal with people outside of the gym.  I’m trying to determine if CrossFit has translated into your daily lives and if so, how?  Please post examples of how the two are related.



Bench Press/Power Clean

Pair up and do 6 sets of 3 power cleans and 3 bench press’


Team Chipper

20 Power Cleans

40 Plate Situps

20 Pullups or Hard Ring Rows

40 Push Press

20 Slamball Clean and Toss

40 Double Unders

20 Box Jumps

60 yd lunge

(Teams of 2 will break up the work load however they want and only one person works at a time. If a team of three is needed then add 1/3 the volume to each movement and two people will work while the third person rests.)

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