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I’m going to let the members decide on the caption…..

Our community at Longevity is growing.  I’ve seen many of you change in physical ways but I’m starting to see you change in the way you support other members.  Our 8 AM class now keeps tabs on others in the class.  Making fun of them (Cheri) if they come in 5 minutes late or get irritated when one doesn’t show up for the work-out.  Watching you support your fellow Longevity member is all I can ask for as a coach, your fitness will increase by just coming but being part of a community makes it all the more fun.  Please send me your captions on the above photo.  I’m having a hard time coming up with something witty so give it a shot!

Strength:  Weighted walking lunge

3 30m Passes:  KB’s each hand, overhead plate lunges and one handed are all available to try.

WOD:  3 Rounds

20 push press:  Light weight 45/33

40 single unders



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