Mike Ball……

Mike working hard on his depth and keeping those elbows up.

Mike B.  has been with me 8 months now.  Many of you don’t know it but Mike is a Type I diabetic.  He has an insulin pump attached to him at all times constantly measuring his blood sugar numbers.  He started CrossFit in the hopes of evening out his blood sugars and also decreasing the amount of insulin he uses.  As of his last check up Mike has done just that.  He has lowered his insulin dosage and is currently working on lowering his cholesterol medication by coming in religiously 2 times a week.  He isn’t without his struggles during the workout, with his blood sugar dropping rapidly during the strength portion he has to take glucose tablets to get back to normal.  I’m inspired by him everyday because he continues to work hard believing in the program and what it has already done for him and his overall health.  Mike is currently working with his doctor to put together a real time monitoring system of what his blood sugar is doing during exercise and while resting.  He and I are going to work together to show you the results over time so you can understand what physical activity and specifically CrossFit is doing for him and his condition.  Mike you have been a great person to have in class and your attitude and determination are always inspirational and I can’t thank you enough for your support.  Keep up the good work buddy.

Strength:  Split Snatch 2/2/2/2/2/2/2


3 Rounds for time

7 Split Snatch

10 Knee raises

1 15 yard shuttle run





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