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I wanted to share  an e-mail from one of our members.  This e-mail confirms that what I’m doing is helping others to achieve their fitness and health goals.  It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning and hope this reaches other people afraid to try something new.  3 hours a week can have a dramatic effect on your health just read this!

Hi John!

I usually dread the blood work that goes with my yearly physical because for the past 8 years, I have been told I have “high” cholesterol and that if I did not get it down, I would have to take meds to do so. I have resisted, mainly because high cholesterol runs in my family, yet no one in my family has had heart disease. Instead, we all die of nasty cancers, but that’s another story. For years I have promised my dr. I would get my cholesterol # down but year after year it has gone higher and higher. I have high “good” cholesterol but the # that always comes up with a big “H” next to it in my test results is my LDL. Well, I just had to do my blood work this morning and I could not believe my results were back this afternoon. I wanted to share the results with you since the only thing I can attribute the HUGE change to is Crossfit. Numbers don’t lie – your program has changed my body, my mind and now my cholesterol! I cannot thank you enough for helping me achieve something I have struggled with for 8 years. NOTHING else worked. CROSSFIT DOES. You have given me the ammunition I needed to convince my dr. that cholesterol lowering meds are not an option. Since I am such a sharing person (I accept the fact that I talk and share a lot – usually to the other person’s embarrassment), I thought I would share with you my test results from the last 8 years so you can see for yourself. Notice there is no “H” next to my LDL. If you had told me that at 50 I could be healthier and more fit than I was at 40, I would have told you that you were full of shit. And I would have been wrong. I now tell everyone who will listen what your program has done for me. It has literally turned back the clock and changed my life. That is why I have started the boys in Crossfit as well – I am already seeing a dramatic shift in Riley’s attitude! He talks to me about lifting technique and how he likes doing a set number of rounds vs. an AMRAP,  instead of a “grunt” here and there during a conversation. Colton loved watching you compete in the Affiliate Cup – he wanted to stay longer but we had to leave and as we were walking out, he told me “those are my kind of people Mom, I could be good at this”. I haven’t heard anything like that out of him in years. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Component Standard Range 10/15/2004 11/15/2007 3/6/2009 2/23/2011 11/1/2012
Total cholesterol 98-212 mg/dL 227 H 265 H 276 H 308 H 217 H
Triglyceride 98 153 76 141 81
HDL cholesterol 71 75 83 88 72
LDL Calculated 136 H 159 H 178 H 192 H 129
VLDL (Calculated) 5-40 mg/dL 20 31 15 28 16
Cholesterol to HDL Ratio 1.00-4.50 3.2 3.5 3.3 3.5 3.0


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