Welcome Bob!

Bob wrapping up his 4 min AMRAP!  Well done!

Bob wrapping up his 4 min AMRAP! Well done!

Will and Cristy consistent as usual!

Will and Cristy consistent as usual!

I was contacted about 6 months ago by Bob regarding the Longevity program.  He expressed his interest in coming out from Maine to participate in Longevity for a month.  As the months passed I forgot all about my correspondence with Bob until last Monday when he was waiting for me to take a class.  He had come from the other end of the country to do Longevity with us for a month.  I can’t tell you how great it is to have someone from out of town work out with us.  Bob is in his 70’s and is in great shape.  He has been coming 5 days a week and thus far has enjoyed the programming albeit a little sore.  If you see him please give him a big welcome and show him the ropes.  I’ve already recommended a dentist, good pizzeria, and places to hike.  If you think of any things he should do here please pass it on.  Bob is amazed at all our Longevity members working hard because he is by far the oldest participant at his box back home.  It’s great to have you Bob!

Strength:  Strict Press 6 x 3

WOD: 12 min AMRAP

10 sit ups

15 wall-balls

200m run

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