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Tami gutting it out on 13.3

Tami gutting it out on 13.3

I saw a great post on Facebook today about health in general so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the matter.  I have talked with many people about fitness and a couple of common conversations seem to keep coming back.  One common theme is how much does it cost?  When I tell them they say “wow, that is really expensive”.  I get that 150/mo is expensive but compared to what?  We all spend 100/mo on a phone, well at least a smartphone.  How many nights out on the weekend do you go out?  I bet many of you spend anywhere between 100-200 bucks per weekend on food and drinks or entertainment ,which is fine, I’m guilty of that once in a while too.  But to hide behind it’s too expensive is total BS.  Look at what you get for that 150.  You get personalized coaching, someone who cares about your fitness, a state of the art facility and a great community of supporters who have committed 3-5 hours a week for their fitness not to mention nutrition coaching.  Where else will you find that kind of value and care for 3-5 hours a week?  Not anywhere especially when it comes to getting fit.  If health is important to you everyone will find a way to pay for it.  I truly believe that so stop using it as an excuse.

The second topic that seems to keep people away is the notion of the times don’t work.  Again, really?  I have told anyone who walks through the door I’m willing to accommodate anytime, even if it’s one person for a while.  You are in here for 1 hour a day, and I bet you can find 1 hour a day or every other day to take care of your health.  Spend the time now learning healthy living techniques and in the end you will save a ton of money later on healthcare.   Look at it like taking your vitamins or dare a say your medication that you probably can get off if you took better care of yourself.  Just food for thought.

Strength:  OTM

Min 1-5  3 Clean and jerks and 3 Toes to bar

Min 6-10 2 Clean and jerks and 3 pull-ups

Min 11-15 1 Clean and jerk and 5 ball slams

WOD:  Heavy Sled Push

4 Rounds

60m Sled push

15 sit ups



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