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Our very own Suzanne N.  Always getting better and stronger!

Our very own Suzanne N. Always getting better and stronger!

Suzanne N. came to me in September of last year looking for a new fitness program.  In that time she has made incredible gains in her overall fitness and strength.  Here is what she had to say about her experience and the benefits of CrossFit Longevity training.  Thanks Suzanne for the great testimonial.

In her own words:

I have always been a healthy individual, but in my early 50’s my cholesterol began to rise for the first time in my life.  To address this issue my doctor and I devised an exercise and diet plan.  After a year of following this plan, I was very disappointed to discover that my cholesterol levels had not improved at all and had, in fact, gone into the high range.  My doctor said it was probably because of genetics and that I would have to be on Statin drugs to control my cholesterol.  I started on Lipitor and my cholesterol has been well controlled since then, but I was not happy that I would probably have to be on this drug for a long time.


In September 2012 I started participating three days a week in John Van Every’s CrossFit Longevity.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety, intensity and fun of these workouts, but the physical results of my participation have been very surprising.  After six months of CrossFit Longevity my doctor tested my cholesterol levels and found that there was a dramatic improvement.  She was so impressed with these new levels that she has advised me to no longer take Lipitor.  She feels that I am going to be able to keep my cholesterol managed just by my continued participation in CrossFit Longevity.


I am thrilled with these unexpected results and the fact that I will not have to take a medication to control my cholesterol.  I am also enjoying the increased energy, strength and flexibility benefits of CrossFit and am amazed at what a difference it has made in my life.  It has been a great pleasure to get to work with John and with all my CrossFit Longevity buddies who are always helpful, encouraging and inspiring.  I am thankful to John for designing a program that has allowed people over 50 a chance to push themselves to achieve their best athletically in a supportive and fun environment.



Strength:  OTM= 12 mins

15 Double unders or 30 singles

3 Push Press


5 Rounds

7 Ball Slams

7 Burpess



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