Kathy O.



Kathy’s Story:

Kathy O. came to me a while back in hopes of increasing her overall fitness as well as her overall strength.  As I got to know Kathy she had a goal of saddling one of her horses without using a step stool.  She wanted to be able to throw the saddle onto the horse directly but lacked the strength to do so until she found CrossFit Longevity.  Kathy has stayed consistent getting her workouts in Monday, Wednesday and Friday religiously.  Video speaks a thousand words, so see for yourself.  Kathy keep up the good work, this is functional fitness at it’s best.  CrossFit Longevity let’s you do everyday activities better.


Strength:  OTM = 12 Mins

2 Snatch

4 Toes to bar/knee raises/sit-ups

WOD:  3 Rounds

5 Squat cleans

10 Wall balls

400m run


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