The 8:00 AM Community.

The 8:00 AM Community.

The Boston Marathon bombing got me thinking quite a bit about people in general.  What they are motivated by, what they want out of life and most importantly how a community comes together to help eachother.  This was prevalent during the manhunt for the bomber where a whole town came together to find this person.  Community is the most important part of CrossFit Longevity.  The support you give eachother is crucial to the success of not only my business but your overall fitness.  To quote Doc, “we aren’t running a business, we are building a community.”  Our community is coming together and it’s really special to watch.  Thanks for all your support guys!

OTM= 10 mins

2 Deadlifts:  add 5#’s from last week.

3 Toes to bar:

WOD:  3 Rounds

250m row

10 Burpees

5 Shoulder to overhead


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