Professor Kulp!

Professor and the Saturday gang getting after the partner WOD.

Professor and the Saturday gang getting after the partner WOD.

On Saturday we had the great pleasure of welcoming Christopher “The Professor” Kulp to class.  The Professor is a 3 time CrossFit Games competitor in the 60+ age group.  He wanted to drop into our Saturday class to see how CrossFit Longevity was doing and get a good work-out as well.  In true Professor fashion he worked hard and looked for feedback after the partner WOD was over.  As we were talking he reminded me of how hard all my members work and was blown away at the intensity and work ethic you all displayed Saturday.  Everyone has been making great strides in their intensity and it’s awesome to see all of your skills improving.  Here is what the Professor had to say:

Was great having the opportunity to train with Johnny van Every’s 8:00 a.m. Saturday Longevity class.  A wonderful group of people, and while there was a diversity of abilities—one person was taking her very first CrossFit class!—what really impressed me was how inspired they were to work hard.  And boy did they work hard!  After doing heavy dead lifts, we all did a partner WOD that was a lot of fun, but very challenging.  Everyone went for it: no moaning and groaning “old folks” attitude here, just pure dedication and effort.  I loved it!  Just goes to show what good leadership and strong community can do.  Keep it up, folks.  I want to join you again!

Strength:  DeadLift


WOD:  OTM for 10 minutes

2 Heavy power cleans

3 High box jumps

30m sprint

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