Another Win For Longevity!


Majio box jumping.

Majio box jumping.

IMG_2744I know I keep saying this but fortunately it keeps happening!  P. Majio who was very skeptical about starting CrossFit Longevity has received her bone density numbers. Majio is in her 70’s and she has not made any changes to her daily activity other than CrossFit Longevity.  She has been with me about 10 months and has been very consistent in her training.  She has also worked through a couple of injuries modifying exercises as necessary and the numbers are in.  She just returned from her bone density test and when she started with me she was a – 3.  Today she has made remarkable progress hitting a + 3 which takes her out of the deteriorating category and places her in normal territory.  No medication, no potions, just honest skeletal loading and weight training.  I keep saying this but this is for everyone, just walk through the door and “Longevity” is within your reach.  Great job Majio!

Strength:  OTM – 10 Minutes

8 KB swings


7 thrusters

400m Row

7 Thrusters

800m Row

7 Thrusters

1600m Row

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