2013 Affiliate Cup!

The Crew!

The Crew!




Here is all the info I have!  Come cheer you fellow Longevity members on.  I’m so proud of all of you!


2013 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup Team Check-In

-All heats will start no later than the scheduled time. Heats WILL NOT BE DELAYED if an athlete or team is not present at the start time of their heat. It is the responsibility of teams to be following the course of the event and be ready to go at the start of their heat!

-Teams will be expected to check-in, at the designated check-in areas, prior to the start of their heat in each event. Teams may check-in and enter the designated waiting area up to 20 min prior to the scheduled start time of their heat. Again, teams must be ready to START (i.e. hands on the bar) at the scheduled start time!

– For event 1, teams will only be allowed to enter the waiting area in between heats. Therefore, teams from heats 1 & 2 must be in the waiting area by NO LATER THAN 7:50! Once in the waiting area, each athlete should stay close to his or her starting area (i.e. the start/finish line or the baton pass area on the far side of the field). Please don’t be the guy running across the field as your heat is starting! We will not wait!

– For events 2-4 teams may check-in and enter the waiting area any time up to 20min before their heat.

– Teams will be asked to clear the workout area as soon as their heat is finished! No lying on the ground and rolling around! You can make a sweat angel in your team tent!

– One last time, it is critical that teams are in the right place at the right time! We will do our best to clearly announce the progress of the event, but it is ultimately the responsibility of each team and athlete to pay close attention and be ready to go at the scheduled start times!

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

2013 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup Event Clarifications

Event 1- Guerilla Relay – The track at Mission Hill is not a perfect oval. It has turns at all different angles.

We recommend using Google Earth to get an idea of the shape of the track. Also the track is not exactly 400 yards. We couldn’t get an exact answer as to the length but according to the tracking tool on Google Earth it is approximately 433yards.

– There will be designated areas where athletes will pass the batons. These areas will be clearly marked.

– Athletes will be given lane assignments to start the race. They will be expected to stay in their lane for the first 75 yards, after this time there will no longer be lane assignments. The lead athlete in a given lane will have the right of way for that lane. If someone merges into your lane in front of you, it will be your responsibility to find a clear lane to pass your baton.

– Any intentional contact between athletes of opposing teams at any time during the relay will result in automatic disqualification from the event.

Event 3 – Snatch and Clean & Jerk – Each station will be supplied with 1 45# bar and 1 33# bar. All stations will be

supplied with an equal amount of weight. – Each heat will begin with both bars empty. Athletes are responsible for loading

their own weight. Athletes may only use weight from their designated stacks.

There will be plenty of weight. – The judge must verify the weight of each made lift before the next lift can take

place. – Each athlete gets a total of only 5 attempts whether they are makes or misses.

Event 4 –The Hopper

Clarification of Standards o Shoulder-to-overhead – May be completed from behind the head or in

front. o Pistols – Athletes do not need to alternate feet, but both feet must touch

the ground between each rep if they are not alternating. o Goblet Squats – Athletes may hold the Kettle Bell in any fashion they

choose. o DB Snatch – Athletes must alternate arms with each rep. o Burpee-Over-Box – Athletes may jump or step over the box. They will not

be required to demonstrate hip extension on top of the box. *Note- Clarification of these movements does not mean that these movements will be included. As planned we will select the six movements to be used from the Hopper at the prep meeting on Thursday.

2013 Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup Parking and Set-Up

– At Mission Hill we are fortunate to have lots of space for our event, but not lots of parking. Therefore, please do your best to carpool!

– Parking for participants and spectators will be on the street only.

– Only cars brining equipment for the event or for a team tent will be allowed to enter the Mission Hill parking lot. Please unload your equipment as rapidly as possible. Once equipment is unloaded, these cars will be allowed to park within the Mission Hill parking lot in designated spaces only. These spaces are limited so most people will need to park on the street.

– Cars will be allowed to enter the team tent area up until the start of the first heat (8:00am). There after this area will be roped off and will be accessible on foot only!

– Please set up your team tents backed up against a wall or a fence. Please do your best to leave a clear space for cars to drive in and out. If you are blocking the drive way we will ask you to kindly move your tent.

– Some areas will be reserved for event staff, sponsors, and food vendors.

Thank you for your cooperation! Looking forward to a great event!

2013 Affiliate Cup Workouts

Note: weights and movements are listed in this order: RX, Open, Masters

Event #1 – 4 x 200m Relay


Teams will be assigned a lane to start. The athletes that begin the relay must stay in their assigned lane for the first 75yrds. After the first 75yrds athletes will no longer be required to stay in their starting lane. The lead athlete will always have the right of way over athletes attempting to pass.


Event #2 – Tag Team – 10 Min Time Cap

Complete as many rounds and repetitions of the following pair of couplets as possible in 10min.

Partner 1-

5 Rounds

5 Overhead Squats (135/95) (95/65) (85/55)

8 C2B Pull Ups (8 Chin over bar pull ups) (6 Chin over bar pull ups)

Partner 2 –

5 Rounds

4 Cleans (any style) (225/135) (155/105) (135/75)

8 Ring Dips (6 Ring Dips) (8 Hand Release Push ups)


The workout will be completed as a male-female pair. Partner 1 must finish their couplet before partner 2 begins. Should both partners complete their couplets within the 10min time cap the team may start again from the beginning. All teams will work for the entire 10 minutes.


Event #3 – Snatch and Clean and Jerk 1 Rep Max – 10 min time cap

10 Min time Cap

Partner 1 – 5 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch

Partner 2 – 5 Attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk


Working as a male-female pair. Partners must alternate attempts.


Event #4 The Hopper -16 min time cap

We will use the Hopper to select 6 of the following movements.

50 reps of Shoulder-to-overhead (135/95) (95/65) (75/55)

50 reps of Wall Ball

50 reps of Toe-to-bar

50 reps of Burpee-over-box (30/24) (24/20) (20)

50 reps of 1 arm DB Snatch (50/35) (40/30) (35/20)

50 reps of KB Swing (70/53) (53/35) (35/26)

50 reps of Goblet Squats (70/53) (53/35) (35/26)

50 reps of Pistols

50 reps of Deadlift (225/155) (185/105) (155/85)

50 reps of Front Squat (155/105) (115/75) (95/55)

50yrds of DB Walking Lunge (50/35) (40/30) (35/20)


This workout will be done in the format of a chipper. Athletes will work in Male-Male and Female-Female pairs. One partner will work at a time Teams may choose to start with either the men or women. After 8min or when half the reps are completed (whichever comes first) the first pair will stop and the second pair will start. The second pair will start where ever the first pair left off. If more than one barbell movement should be selected, athletes will be responsible for changing their own weights.

*Note- During the preparation meeting on Thursday 10/10 we will use the hopper to select the movements. However, we will choose the order in which the movements are completed during the workout.


Event 5 – Final–Only the top 4 teams in each division advance to the Final

10min Ladder

2 Bar Muscle Up (2 C2B Pull Up/ 2 Chin Over Bar)

2 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/93) (95/63) (95/63)

50M Sprint


4 Bar Muscle Up (4 C2B Pull Up/ 4 Chin Over Bar)

4 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/93) (95/63) (95/63)

50M Sprint


6 Bar Muscle Ups (6 C2B Pull Up/ 6 Chin Over Bar)

6 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/93) (95/63) (95/63)

50M Sprint


8 Bar Muscle Ups (8 C2B Pull Up/ 8 Chin Over Bar)

8 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/93) (95/63) (95/63)

50M Sprint


10 Bar Muscle Ups (10 C2B Pull Up/ 10 Chin Over Bar)

10 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/93) (95/63) (95/63)

50m Sprint



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