Tami in competition mode at the Norcal Masters

Tami in competition mode at the Norcal Masters

Running is something most of us dread.  You know who you are.  Given a choice of running or rowing most pick rowing as the substitute.  Like all things CrossFit the more you run the better you get.  Now I’m not saying you are gonna run like the wind but you will get better at running.  All of us need to run a little more and if you have to chop down the runs so they are manageable then do it.  Try running for the Month of February and see what happens!

Strength:  Front Squat Back Squat Progression

4 Rounds with 120 sec rest between rounds

4 Front Squats 73-75% of your 1 RM Front Squat

8 back squats same weight


1 minute of push ups

1 minute of sit-ups

1 minute of burpees

1 min of mountain climbers

150M sprint

90 sec rest repeat


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