Athlete Profile: Tom M.

Tom M. smiling per usual.

Tom M. smiling per usual.


Tom M. had some interesting things to say about the CrossFit Longevity program.  

Tom M. is a retired project manager fromLockheed-Martin.  He is an avid runner, hiker, and skier.  A friend suggested CrossFit  as effective conditioning and fitness program.

He chose CFL because the age group demographics suited him.  As Tom aged he felt

he needed to be stronger if he wanted to continue to enjoy his active

lifestyle.  Tom liked the idea of a variety of exercises that both were

challenging and kept him interested. He has found out that all of the

workouts are scalable and are applied to all of levels of athletes.

‘The CFL community has been encouraging and they want everyone to be successful.”

He has also observed in others the improvements they have made in the short

six months that he has been a member. He just returned from a week of

skiing and his endurance was greatly improved. He credits his CFL WOD’s

keeping him on the slopes for many years to come.


Strength:  Front Squat, Back Squat progression

4 Rounds AT:  80% of your 1RM Front squat weight 

3 Front Squats

6 Back Squats

Rest 2-4 minutes

WOD:  EMOM 16 minutes

Odd:  8 KB swings

1 short shuttle sprint

Even:  8 Toes to bar

1 short shuttle sprint



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