Willy D.

Willy working on his pull-ups

Willy working on his pull-ups

Congratulations to Willy D on his giant 20lb PR in his front squat!  Here is a quick athlete profile of Will.

Q.  Would  you tell us a bit about yourself?
A.   I am a 56 year old computer software leader at the  U.C. Observatory.
I am married to Cristy who is also a member of Crossfit Longevity (CFL).
We have been members for two years.

Q.  Do have any hobbies/activities that you participate in when you are
not Crossfitting?
A.   I am an avid mountain biker, road rider, and trail builder. They are
my competitive passions  that I want to be active in for a long time.

Q.  How did you hear about CFL?
A.   I had been researching fitness programs to improve my core strength
such that I could reduce the minor injuries that have been occurring while
biking competitively.  I interviewed with a few boxes and did not feel
that the trainers felt that I was a right fit for their programs. The idea
of crossfiting with my age group was very appealing and it has proven to
be the right fit.

Q.   What have been your impressions about CFL?
A.    First of all the coaching has been great with the total emphasis on
safety.  The gains in both core strength and general body strength have
been tremendous. The minor ailments I was getting with my mountain biking
have been nonexistant.  But most of all , the crossfitters I work out with
are always encouraging and just a great group of people who have great

Q.   What would you advise any person interested in CFL?
A.    The way I feel now is such a difference in my everyday life.  I am
fitter than before and my vitality for my life is boundless.  Those
nagging aging aches are gone.   You have to give it a try and you also
will be a believer.

Strength:  1 RM Front Squat


7 min AMRAP

10 Wall Balls

5 Burpees

10 Deadlifts

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