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Encouragement AND a beat-down! What more could you ask for??

Encouragement AND a beat-down! What more could you ask for??

Everyday we are given the opportunity to make a difference. Sometimes we don’t recognize it and sometimes we just don’t take it. In fact, I bet if you think about it, you recently made the decision to purposefully NOT take it. You decided it “wasn’t worth the effort”.  What we tend to do is look at the benefit to US and not the benefit to OTHERS and we forget that it is ALWAYS worth the effort. It takes literally 2 seconds to tell someone “Good Job!” and give them a pat on the back. In turn, that 2 seconds turns into self-confidence that lasts hours. And during those hours, that person in turn passes words of encouragement to another because they are feeling good about themselves. And so on…and so on. A 2 second act of encouragement led to hours, days and even weeks of improved attitudes, increased effort and changed lives. Think about how our little community here changes lives everyday. You may think you are coming to the gym to make yourself more fit and healthy but the real benefit is in the support and encouragement we give each other. It allows us to go out into the world and make it a better place. It allows us to see the worth in all we do. When you see one of your classmates struggle with something, take 2 seconds and offer a word of encouragement. And if you know someone who would benefit from a little more support and encouragement in their life, bring them to class. Let’s change more lives.

You still have to work out though…

6/12/15 WOD

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Jerk

–REST 2 min–

6 min AMRAP

3 burpee box jumps
3 Pull ups
3 KB swings

–REST 2 min–

For Time:

20 cal row
20 T2B
400m run
20 T2B
20 cal row


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