The Friday Morning Crew looking happy! Who wouldn't want to be here??

The Friday Morning Crew looking happy! Who wouldn’t want to be here??

Most of the Saturday Fun Crew is missing in action! The weather is good, sun shining (ok, sometimes) and here I am BY MYSELF. How do you have a partner WOD with no partners?? I am hoping to see more of you here so I don’t have to do the entire WOD by myself and I will have someone to share the work with! (Kudos to Pete…he has been here lately, kicking my butt all over the place!)

6/13/15 WOD

Partner Workout (unless nobody comes, then Tami will do the entire thing by herself…)


400m sandbag run

2 rounds:
15 power snatch
15 box jump overs

2 rounds:
15 back squat
15 pull ups

2 rounds:
15 deadlift
15 burpee over bar

400m run

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