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I'm actually afraid of heights...

I’m actually afraid of heights…

Sometimes looking at the workout on the whiteboard is a little intimidating. You look at it and wonder how you are going to get through 30 reps of something, then 40 reps of something else and 60 reps of god-knows-what. Maybe it’s a 20 minute AMRAP and you can’t imagine how you are going to get through it without collapsing into a coma. Maybe you even contemplated turning around and walking out before anyone even noticed you were there. The next time you feel that way, remember that absolutely everything is divisible by 1 – and you CAN do 1 of anything. Pick up the bar and do 1. Then do another. Take each rep 1 at a time and don’t look any further ahead than the next one. Pretty soon you will find that you are done. It wasn’t THAT hard and you did not require medical intervention. Please remember that when you meet Cindy today…


Front Squat
3×2 @ 90%


20 min. AMRAP of:

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

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