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Kettlebells provide a great core workout!

Kettlebells provide a great core workout!

We are always talking about a “strong core” and “staying tight through the middle” but many people don’t really know where their “core” is. Any muscle that provides frame and spinal support or stability is part of your “core”. This explains why it’s important to have a strong core – it’s what keeps you upright!  Kettlebells are the perfect tool to build a strong core, in fact,  research from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, shows that two kettlebell workouts a week can boost core strength by 70 percent.  Another study found that kettlebell training burns more than 800 calories an hour, helping shed your body’s top layer of fat to reveal the definition underneath. Kettlebell exercises also help you train explosive, powerful movement needed for many of the Oly lifts and help you build forearm and grip strength as well.  Next time you are working kettlebells (hmmm…maybe TODAY??) really pay attention to form and technique – stay tight through the middle and really use your hips for that pop!

Todays WOD (imagine that…kettlebells)


Clean Pulls – 3×3 @ 110% clean


3min max calorie row
3min max Russian KB swings

–REST 3:00–

2min max calorie row
2min max Russian KB swings

–REST 2:00–

1min max calorie row
1min max Russian KB swings

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