Does it Ever Get Easier?


Never forget your first time!

The other day during warm-up, Evie asked me how many days a week I work out (this is Tami, by the way) and I told her I am in class 5 days a week and that I have been doing so for about 2 years. She asked me if I am still sore. I told her I am sore EVERY day to some degree. She also asked me if it ever gets any easier. I told her no. In fact, it gets HARDER. What? Why would I say that? Don’t I want her to stay in class? Yes I do. More than anything. But I also want her to move forward and not get stagnant in her progress. If you want it to get easier, I guess it could. If you have been here a year and you are still working the same weights and still recording the same times I would guess that it would feel easier. But for most of you, you are working heavier and faster than the day you started. And you are still sore. And you are still here. You are still getting PR’s and doing things for the first time. It’s part of why you are still here. Because as you progress, you will tend to push yourself harder, move heavier weight and try new things – because you CAN. So in a sense, yes, it does get easier…it gets easier to try harder –  run faster, do new things and push yourself  just past that point of comfort. Keep being a little uncomfortable – it will keep you progressing!

This workout will help you be “uncomfortable”…




400m Run (1 partner runs 200 while other rests, then switch)
50 Front Squats
400m Run
50 Toes-to-Bar
400m Run
50 Power Cleans
400m Run

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