Start Your Week


Mondays can be tough. Maybe you didn’t get enough rest over the weekend or maybe you got too much…either way, it can be tough to get yourself to class on Monday. Let me tell you why it is probably the most important day to just pull up your big boy (or girl) pants (or panties) and go. Monday sets the tone for your whole week. What you accomplish on Monday sets you up for Tuesday, then Wednesday and so on…if you procrastinate on Monday, it gets easier to put it off on Tuesday as well. Stop putting it off and just do it…by Friday you will realize how much you accomplished during the week all because you hit class on Monday!

And just for a little inspiration…


Strict press — 3/3/3
Push press — 2/2/2
Jerk — 1/1/1

7 min amrap
7 burpee box jump
7 pull ups
7 goblet squats

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Written by crossfitlongevity


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