The Trouble with Doubles…

The Women of 8 a.m. looking fit and strong!

The Women of 8 a.m. looking fit and strong!

I am always amazed at the number of masters athletes that still struggle with double unders. I really think that the majority of us just psych ourselves out. It just doesn’t make sense to me that someone can do a muscle up, but sees double unders in the workout and absolutely freezes in fear. I guess it’s like rubbing your stomach while you pat your head…some people have no problem and others just don’t get it. Double unders are not a particulary complicated skill, but they are one that takes practice. If you are looking for some helpful hints, Carl Paoli has some nice drills to try. If you don’t want to try and explain your whip marks to the checker at the supermarket, you might want to wear protective clothing! And yes, there WILL be double unders this week.

And now… Tuesday FUN!!!


Clean Grip Deadlift
2 RM


For Time:

50 Hang Power Cleans
1000m row
50 Ring Rows

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