Stick Out Your Tongue.

Three generations of Crossfitters - what's not to like?

Three generations of Crossfitters – what’s not to like?

I just read an article listing 25 things women over 30 should not wear. I am so tired of being told all the things I can’t do now that I am supposedly past my prime. Sometimes I give in and start to believe some of it – I cave to my instinct for self-deprecation and start to add “for a woman over 50” to the end of everything.  Not going to do it anymore.

I am not going to listen to those people who tell me “you look great! – for a woman over 50” – I look great.  PERIOD.  “People your age shouldn’t lift heavy things, you might get hurt” – fine, go sit on your couch.  I am going to continue to hoist the 50 lb sack of dog food up over my shoulder and walk to the check-out counter – because I CAN. You say I shouldn’t wear two different color socks or short skirts because I am over 30? Screw you – I am going to wear both – possibly at the same time. Because I WANT TO.

Keep telling me all the things I can’t do because of my age and I will continue to stick my tongue out at you and do it anyway.  Yes, like a 2 year old. Physically, I have accomplished more after 40 than I did the entire 40 years before. Pull ups? Yes, lots of them, thank you. Climb a rope? Got it. Power Clean my body weight? Done.

Emotionally, age brings wisdom and experience but there is something to be said for maintaining a little bit of immaturity in your life. Your inner 2 year old is what lets you stick your tongue out at all that crap. Life doesn’t end at 40 or 50 or 60. I would like to say “it gets better with age”, but then I would have to stick my tongue out at that – how about “it just gets better”.  PERIOD.

Now go do some work…and do NOT stick your tongue out at me…


Clean & Jerk
5 x 2 @ 75%


For time:

Kettlebell Swings
Push Ups
Air Squats

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