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It’s Friday. Finally. You’ve toiled away all week just to get to these next 2 days. THE WEEKEND. 120 hours just to get to 48 hours of peaceful bliss (or mind-blowing debauchery, your choice). What if there was no weekend to wait for? I spoke with a colleague of mine on the phone this week. We rarely have the need to talk business anymore but I needed something from him so I emailed him, telling him what I needed and waited to hear from him. He emailed me back, saying he was on his way home from Hawaii and asked if we could talk tomorrow.

The next day was horribly busy for me so we were unable to connect and it was Friday. I suggested we try again the following Monday. He called me Monday morning, but of course I was busy and missed his call. He emailed me explaining that he was leaving for the lake for a week but by the time I saw the email, it was too late. Wednesday morning he called me. He was on his cell phone at the lake but had thought about what I needed and thought he could get it done for me over the phone.  He didn’t just call me from the lake. He called me from IN the lake. He said he wasn’t sure what day it was but decided he would call and see if I was there. Let me repeat that – HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT DAY IT WAS.

I asked him “Really? No idea? I want your life!” I told him I was painfully aware what day it was each and EVERY DAY. He laughed and told me “Yes, it’s pretty nice to just do what I want, regardless of what day it is”. That is when it struck me that it was not the fact that it was Wednesday that mattered. It was my routine. I did the SAME thing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Only on Saturday and Sunday did I feel “allowed” to change it up. Usually go to 6 AM class? Go to 5:30 PM instead. Usually wait till the weekend to have bacon and eggs for breakfast? Have them tomorrow.   I think too many of us save the good stuff for the weekend.  Have the good stuff NOW and pretty soon everyday will feel like the weekend.

To get you ready for that two days of mind-blowing debauchery, we have those double unders I promised you:


Back Squat
3 x 2  @ 80%


20 min AMRAP:
400m run
80 double unders

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