Taking Care of Yourself


Sometimes getting OUT of the band is the hardest part!

Many of us have mobility issues. Muscle tightness, limited range of motion, and old injuries keep us from performing the way we want to or keep us from certain movements entirely. Along with the time you spend in the gym, you need to spend time taking care of your mobility issues. Stretching and rolling help but sometimes it takes more than that. Massage therapy, chiropractic and even acupuncture can help. Someone who specializes in mobility bodywork can help you change movement patterns and be more conscious of body position in addition to just working the soreness out of tired muscles.

Marcus McDonough at Pacific Motion Bodywork understands the needs of Crossfit athletes and can help you with any mobility issues. Several of us in the gym have used Marcus’ services and highly recommend him. If you don’t have someone you see on a regular basis, give him a call and move better!

Power clean 95/65 (jv 115)

–Rest 3 min–

10 min amrap:
1 round of Cindy
3 hang power snatches 95/65

–Rest 3 min–

30 deadlifts 185/135
30 calories airdyne or row
30 burpees

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