It’s a Habit…


Popular belief says it takes 21 days to form a new habit. The reality is, it takes closer to 66 days, some habits are harder to form than others, and some people are more resistant to habit-forming. Bad habits tend to be easier to form and harder to break so its important to spend your time working on forming good habits.

They also say that the first days seem to make the biggest difference.  The problem is that most people beat themselves up over missing a few days in the habit forming process. They get discouraged and give up before they even have a chance to make it stick.

Habits become part of your daily routine. They are not something you do if you have time or can fit it in. They become the things that you adjust other things around. Which makes it even more important that the habits you form be healthy for your heart, body, and mind.

So, give yourself AT LEAST 60 days, don’t get down on yourself for straying a bit and form some habits with us that will benefit you in more ways than you could have ever imagined!


EMOM for 14 min
2 front squats


8 minute AMRAP
12 pull ups
6 deadlifts

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