We Need a Party!

Mary getting ready for some deadlifts!

Mary getting ready for some deadlifts!

Summer is in full swing and we need a celebration! The official “holidays” are over and I hope we can try one more time to find a time we can get together for a little fun that doesn’t include kettlebells or wall balls. Last time, the challenge was for Glenna and i to go an entire two weeks without complaining. That resulted in a bowling party. So it’s up to all of you to come up with a challenge (within reason… It can’t result in me losing my job or being arrested…sorry!) AND a Party plan if I succeed. So, talk to people in your classes, come up with some ideas and email them to me!

15 min of practice
Halting snatch deadlift + 1 snatch

5 rounds
200m row
8 db power cleans
12 db thrusters

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