Why I Love Thursdays


Woolfie with some nice looking ring rows!

Several reasons I love Thursdays:
1. It’s my rest day! As much as I love pushing hard all week, I look forward to the day I take off completely or as I have lately, just get some cardio in.
2. I have every other Friday off, so as it is this week, Thursday is my Friday! Sometimes it’s fun to change up your week…try Tuesday as the new Monday as well.
3. It’s my day of reflection – I can take a look back at the beginning of my week, see what I have accomplished and what I have left hanging. Thursday leaves me time to clean up the loose ends and start my weekend without anything hanging over my head.

Take some time today to think about your week and what you could do today to make sure you end it on the right note. And then stop thinking and just do the work:

Bench press

12 min amrap
200 meter run
12 burpee box overs

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