The Games


8 a.m. working hard!

One week from today, on July 21, the CrossFit Games begin with the Masters competition. For 3 days, you can watch our peers compete for the title of “Fittest On Earth” in 5 age groups. I am excited to watch my age group this year as 5 of the competitors are women I have competed with at the NorCal Masters competition. Although I am nowhere near their level, they have always treated me as an equal competitor and they inspire me to work harder. If you have a chance this year, check out the Masters in your age group. You might find some inspiration too! You can see the Games schedule at

Not for time
8 rounds
8 db step ups
8 db lunges
8 db push ups
8 db push press

5 rounds
:30 double unders
:30 sec rest

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