Why Being Hot in the Bedroom Sucks…


This IS an option...

Yes, I know…but you are reading, right? With the hot days we’ve had and the fact that most of us don’t have AC, it can get rough to try and get a good night’s sleep when it’s 85 degrees in your bedroom. Add to that the fact that you probably came from the gym where it felt like you were roasting like a pig on a spit and you have the perfect conditions for a sweaty case of energy-sucking insomnia. If you are looking for some ideas to cool it down, you came to the right place! Try some of these tips and let me know how it goes…

Power Cleans
3×2 @ 75%

10 Min AMRAP
1 sled push/200m run
20 sit ups
15 push ups
10 kb swings
5 power cleans

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