Random Facts

Stop staring at it...it won't lift itself.

Stop staring at it…it won’t lift itself.

When all else fails, memorizing some random facts can make you feel smart…so here you go.

5 Random Facts:

  1. No one knows who invented the fire hydrant because the patent was lost in a fire.
  2. At one point in time, you were the youngest person on Earth.
  3. According to Oxford Dictionaries Online, “burpees” were named in the 1930s for American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, who developed the burpee test. He earned a PhD in applied physiology from Columbia University in 1940 and created the “burpee” exercise as part of his PhD thesis as a quick and simple way to assess fitness.
  4. You take over 23,000 breaths everyday.
  5. You used 22,999 of those breaths during your last minute of burpees. (see below…)

Have fun with this today!

Overhead squats

OTM for 12 min:
Odd: 12 burpees
Even: 1 rope climb or 12 box jumps

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