Your First Time


Plank holds!

Plank holds…yes, they suck. And I mean that in a good way.

Do you remember your first class? I do. It was a Saturday and it was NOT my idea. My husband was already going and wanted me to try it. I did it to appease him; I really thought Jazzercise was a better way for me but I told him I would try this CrossFit Longevity thing. There were wall balls. It only took one class to make me never want to leave. Everybody in the class was encouraging and helpful. They actually TALKED to me and congratulated me for making it through the class. At Jazzercise I got yelled at by a woman when I took “her spot”. I went back to CrossFit Longevity again and again and….3 and a half years later I’m still here. For some of us it takes longer. Maybe the first class just destroyed you. Maybe you were sore for a week. I was. I still am. Sore in some way EVERY day. But it feels incredible. I would not trade it for anything. When I am having a difficult time with something – anything – sweat makes it better. I wonder if I would have gone back to class if people hadn’t been so encouraging? If I had been made to feel stupid or embarrassed about what I couldn’t do. I don’t think so. I think I would have remained in the back row of my Jazzercise class, avoiding the mean lady and working those 3lb. hand weights that felt oh-so-heavy at the time. The next time you are in class and someone new is there, remember when it was your first time. Remember that we aren’t just building strong bodies, we are building a strong community that supports each other in every way. I wake up every day grateful for what CrossFit Longevity has done for me – my body and my mind. It has made me a better athlete and a better person. Be a better person to the one next to you…it might be their first time and you might be the one to make the difference.

Back Squat
6×3 @ 80%

3 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts
10 push ups
20 lunges

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