Lisa getting ready for some cleans!

Lisa getting ready for some cleans!

So, it being Throw Back Thursday, I almost posted a pic of the 1989 Aerobics Championships – but the outfits (and the lack of any muscle) gave me the creeps and I just couldn’t do it. I think Lisa is a much better choice. We have all been around long enough to have experienced a lot of the past exercise fads but I think the 80’s wins hands down for the most obnoxious outfits, the worst hair, and the least amount of actual fitness. If you haven’t experienced fitness in the 80’s, here a great example of what you missed (I am posting this even though it makes me freak out a little):

And now, YOUR workout for the day:

Hip Mobility

“Pick a Girl, Any Girl” – Elizabeth, Fran, Karen, Jackie, Annie, Kelly, Mary, Helen, Isabel, Grace, Nasty Girls (truth be told, they are all pretty nasty, but have much better hair than anyone in the video above.)


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