Pull up time!

Pull up time!

It’s Monday. It’s nearing the end of summer, the kids are getting ready to go back to school (crankiness get’s notched up a level)¬†and it was hotter than hell this weekend. If you survived and actually made it into the gym today, good for you. If you didn’t , it’s OK. It’s only Monday.

Several people have indicated that a 5:30 class on Friday would be nice…well, if you will be there, so will I (Tami) – Friday now has a 5:30pm class for those who would like to get one last workout in before the weekend! That means there is now 5:30pm 5 days a week…

Congratulation to John and his team who ended the weekend in 16th place out of over 65 teams in the Open division competing this weekend at the Moxie Madness Team competition in San Jose!

OTM – 10min
2 push press + 1 power jerk

10 rounds:
100 meter row sprints

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