Anita on day 1 of her 30 day commitment!

Anita on day 1 of her 30 day commitment!

The dreaded word….commitment. The official definition is “a promise to be loyal to someone or something”. Why are we so afraid to commit to anything or anyone? Do we want that “out” if something is just too hard, or maybe it was a bad idea to start with? When we commit ourselves to something or someone, breaking that commitment usually includes hard feelings on both sides. Sometimes we don’t honor a commitment out of laziness or maybe we didn’t make the commitment wholeheartedly – we never intended to honor it in the first place. Sometimes we “over-commit” and other promises we have made get in the way. The most painful commitment fails are often the ones we do to ourselves. We always talk about “putting yourself first” but it seems that the commitments we honor the LEAST are the ones we make to ourselves. We need to be better than that. Especially when the commitment we make is one that will really pay off in the long run. You only get one body, one mind and one heart. Make the commitment to take care of them. No more MAYBE. Move your body, learn new things, build relationships. In fact, I know a place you can do all three at once…you just need to commit.

Pick a movement you want to work on  – weighted or gymnastics

3 rounds:
6 front squats
6 pullups

— REST :90 —

3 rounds:
6 kb swings
6 goblet squats

— REST :90 —

100 double unders for time

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