Recovery Tips

Arlen, relaxing! Or gasping for air...

Arlen, relaxing! Or gasping for air…

How do you know if you are getting enough recovery time? We all complain about being tired, or sore, or many times, both. But are there other signs you should be watching for? If you have noticed a decline in performance or things just don’t feel right, check a few of these tips from The Box Magazine…you might find you need a better recovery plan or need to actually HAVE one. Personally, just making a few changes has completely changed my ability to recover faster and train harder. There are many things that can affect your ability to recover and sometimes it is as simple as timing your supplements or even just going to bed 15 minutes earlier. Now is a good time to take a look at what you are doing and see if you need a change.

work up to a heavy bench press

calorie row
bench press

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