Front Squats!

Front Squats!

We all have days where we are flying high – the weather is great, everything is going our way, people are kind, life is smooth…until it’s not. We wonder what happened. What could we have possibly done to deserve the hurricane-like forces that came in and knocked out all that good stuff? Truthfully, most of the time, it’s nothing you did. It’s natures way of maintaining equilibrium – somewhere, someone else is having a great day while you get the crappy one. And vice versa. Same thing in the gym. Some days are euphoric- you PR a lift, you kill it on the WOD or you just feel really really great. Until you don’t. You can’t even hit what should be an easy single, you flounder during the WOD or everything just feels unbearable. And once again, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. You have bad days, same as in your regular life. It doesn’t mean you are in a downward spiral and you’ll never stand on the top of that 24″ box again. It means you had a bad day. Get up tomorrow and have a better one. And if it’s not, try again. And again.


Each For Time:

30 Thrusters
30 C2B pullups

–REST 3 min–

18 Squat Cleans
18 Burpee box jumps

–REST 3 min–

24 Thrusters
24 C2B pullups

–REST 3 min–

12 Squat Cleans
12 Burpee Box jumps

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Written by crossfitlongevity


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