The importance of knee socks…


Happy faces at 6 am!

Happy faces at 6 am!

So you are probably asking yourself right about now what the title of this post means…let me explain. It all has to do with being prepared. I was not prepared. I have knee socks, just not with me. I have knee sleeves that can be used to protect your knees or your ankles and I left them at home. I even had on long pants, just not…long…enough. 30 rope climbs later and I have a pretty decent rope burn on my right leg just above my ankle. Decent enough to inspire people to ask what the hell I do when I am not at work. If I had been prepared FOR ANYTHING, I would have been just fine! So, it was a good reminder to pack a better gym bag, put my knee sleeves back where they belong and be better PREPARED. Look at your own gym bag and make sure you have what you need, or might need, or possibly could need…hell, just pack it all and wish for the best!

Hatch Squat Program:
1 x 10 @ 60%
1 x 8 @ 65%
1 x 6 @ 70%
1 x 6 @ 75%
1 x 6 @ 80%

4 rounds for time:
500 m row
10 burpees over rower

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