It’s getting dark…

6 am says HI!

6 am says HI!

The days are getting shorter…it was actually dark at 6 am and it made me kind of sad. I like the nice long days, when you don’t have to run in the dark (at 6 am OR at 5:30 pm) and you feel like there is still some “day” left to your day once you leave the gym. That said, I DO NOT MIND the fact that the nights are getting cooler and there is actual mist in the air early in the morning. It smells good. With all that outdoor summer fun slowing down a bit, think about what you want out of your workouts this fall and winter. It might be a good time to re-evaluate some goals, set some new ones and maybe cross some off your list!

OTM for 15 min
1 power clean
1 front squat

10 min amrap
20 goblet step-ups
20 sit ups

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