The Power of One.


Bilal on his own today…


Sometimes we find ourselves alone. Just one. No classmates. No one to encourage us, inspire us or harass us. Just you and what is on the whiteboard. Sometimes these are the best.  Sometimes these workouts are when you find out how strong you really are. These are often more a test of will rather than physical strength and what you do when no one is there to hold you accountable says a lot about how willing you are to push yourself to that uncomfortable place all alone. Not for the sake of posting the best time, or lifting the most weight, but simply for our own sense of accomplishment. There will be no one there to tell you “good job”, give you a high-five or tell you how awesome you were. No one but you. So do it.  It will get hard, it will get horrible and you might want to give up and say “that’s good enough”. Is it?  That’s for you to find out. Alone.

Hatch Squat makeup or rope climb/sled push practice

Toes to Bar

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