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Connie & Tom at CrossFit Avalanche!

Connie & Tom at CrossFit Avalanche!

Ever wonder what it’s like at other CrossFit gyms? Next time you go out of town, find one and go to a class. You might just find that it feels a little like home…sweat, swearing and an awful lot of fun. Ok, and pain. There will probably be pain. And burpees.

For those of you who did NOT squat yesterday, you will squat today


OTM for 20 min
1 power snatch
1 hang snatch
1 snatch

if you squatted, Р5 rounds for time: 6 power cleans, 9 burpees, 12 wall balls

if you did the OTM, immediately row 1000m for time after minute 20.

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