Do the work…

8 am getting their work in!

8 am getting their work in!

We are all guilty, at one time or another, of wanting something for nothing. We often times create our own cost/benefit model in our head and decide that whatever it is we want well, it just isn’t worth the effort. If that item magically appears with no payment due, we are just fine with that. Sometimes, it actually works that way. Sometimes that thing falls right into our lap with no effort required on our part. Savor those moments because they are rare. And they don’t happen in the gym. Those things require work.

Pull ups don’t just happen. They require strength and practice. Overhead squats don’t just happen. They require mobility and practice. Rope climbs don’t just happen. They require skill and practice. Notice a common variable? They all require practice. Those movements you hate the most? They require the most practice. And usually give you the best reward.

My very first competition required overhead squats. I had never done one, not even with an empty bar. Why? I avoided them because they were hard. They hurt, they required my body to do things it was not comfortable with and I was embarrassed to fail, and so I did other things instead. But the day of reckoning came. I was forced to do them. I could hear the announcer mention how difficult overhead squats were for masters athletes and I knew she was talking about me. It took me 12 minutes to get 10. Dead last. This morning I did 25, in less than 3 minutes. And then afterward, I did 30 more off the clock. Why? Because I never want that feeling again. I don’t want to be used as an example of what happens when you don’t do the work.

If you haven’t squatted, Hatch week 4, day 2
3 min intervals of:

400 m run
1. Max pull ups
2. Max push press
3. Max cleans

10 Rounds
1. 100m row sprint
10 Ball Slams

2. 100m row
10 walking lunges

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