Remember that time…

A welcoming sweat angel courtesy of Bilal...

A welcoming sweat angel courtesy of Bilal…

So I just read an article about a study that shows that if you ask your friends and family to shower you with praise and remind you about a time you were awesome, it will help you perform better at stressful problem-solving tasks. The idea is that if you are reminded of a time you were performing at your very best, it will motivate you into reaching high standards once again.

I started to wonder if it might not be beneficial for a workout as well. What if you were reminded of a time when you just killed it; great form, great pace and maybe even a PR. Would that motivate you to work harder, faster, heavier during a workout? I don’t know. Mostly because I have trouble coming up with a time I thought I was awesome.  And that is the key – my perception is different than the perception of those around me. Maybe hearing from someone else that they thought something you did was really great boosts your self confidence and inspires you to perform they way they perceived you to perform. Maybe you should try it. Next time you are in class, remind someone else about a time they really inspired you or a time when you thought that what they did was really awesome. Who knows, someone might get a PR out of it…or you could do what we usually do and just call them a pu**y…oh wait…this is a family program. Sorry. Umm, yeah, try the “awesome” thing.

Now, about those Thrusters…aren’t they awesome?

24 min EMOM
min 1 – 6:
odd – 10 Thrusters
even – max MU/dips/pushups

min 7-12:
odd – 7 Thrusters
even – max pullups/ring rows

min 13-18:
odd – 7 Thrusters
even – max rope climbs/progressions

min 19-24:
odd – 3 Thrusters
even – max burpee box jumps/burpees
* count your last minute of burpees as your score 🙂


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