Gym Closed This Weekend!!

5:30 and those dreaded bench presses...

5:30 and those dreaded bench presses…

Yes, the gym will be closed this weekend (including NO AFTERNOON CLASSES FRIDAY) due to a Kettlebell seminar being held at CrossFit West. Time to take all that pent-up fitness outside!! Go run, go surf, go ride your bike, go play SOMETHING! If you really want to get some kind of workout in, CrossFit Ready is open to members this weekend. Or, take this opportunity to get some extended rest!! Either way, be ready to go hard Monday!


3 rounds for time:
10 pullups
20 wallballs
10 situps

— REST 3 MIN —

For time:
400m run
10 snatches
400m run
10 clean and jerks
400m run
10 toes to bar
400m run
3 rope climbs

— REST 3 MIN —

3 min AMRAP
100m row sprint
7 burpee box jumps


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