It’s been a while…

6 am warmup!

6 am warmup!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Writing, posting the WOD, searching for pictures and other stuff have kind of taken a back seat lately. Life does that sometimes…stuff happens, circumstances change, and time shifts. Why am I back? I miss it. I miss putting the words down. I miss the excitement I feel when I find something I really want to share with everyone. I miss the faces in the pictures I post. It makes me feel good. And the important part is that I decided I missed it enough to make time for it. To find a way to make it happen. I’ve noticed more people back in the gym lately – some faces are new and some are ones I just haven’t seen in a while. It made me think about why people leave and come back and that we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves when we need to take a break. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes the circumstances just aren’t right and sometimes, the time just isn’t there. So take your break…and come back. Come back because you miss it. Come back because you miss it enough to somehow push those interruptions to the side, change your circumstances and find the time. Come back because it makes you feel good and feeling good is what it’s all about…


Power Snatch
Calorie Row


5 Rope Climbs
20 Clean & Jerks
30 Bar Over Burpees
40 Box Jump Overs
50 KB swings


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