Tis’ the season…

Some 5:30 action!

Some 5:30 action!

…for holiday parties, including ours! Don’t forget to mark your calendar – Thursday, Dec. 17th – 6:30 pm @ West End Tap & Kitchen, 334D Ingalls Street (next to Bonny Doon Winery).

And that leads to the next dilemma of the season – how to navigate your way through all of these festive events and maintain some sort of control in terms of food and alcohol consumption. You spend hours a week in the gym and in the kitchen, working hard to create a healthier you and now you are confronted with endless buffet tables, plates piled with cookies and glasses that seem to never be empty. This is typically followed by 5 newly-gained pounds, a renewed sweet-tooth and what feels like a continual hangover (and the accompanying embarrassing photos posted to social media). It is possible to have a great time and NOT have regrets so here goes…

  1. You don’t HAVE to eat everything put in front of you! It’s called moderation. Have one instead of 12. And talk to people…the more you talk, the less time you have to shove those 5 mini pulled pork sandwiches down your throat.
  2. You can have dessert…just not 20 of them. Take your time and actually enjoy what you are eating – savor each bite as if it will be the last time you ever taste chocolate or whatever it is you are putting in your mouth.
  3. Have a drink…really, it’s ok to have one or two or possibly three. If you are a calorie-counter, consider sipping something other than eggnog. Spread out your drinks too – don’t down 4 glasses of wine in the first 15 minutes you are there. Alcohol can suppress your appetite and at that point all you will be doing is drinking, hence the embarrassing photos posted on Facebook. Relax and have a drink if you want to…just make sure to stop short of having to say to yourself in the morning “I did what? I don’t remember that…” because inevitably, everyone else will.
  4. Buddy-up. It’s easier with gentle reminders from a friend who is also fighting the good fight. Keep each other in check, just like we do in class. Support makes all the difference!


OTM for 20 min:
min 1-5 : 5 Power Cleans
min 6-10 : 3 Cleans
min 11-15 : 2 Cleans
min 16-20 : 1 Clean – should be a heavy single

Russian KB Swings

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