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The new dhamaSPORT wristband

The new dhamaSPORT wristband

We all want to be a little faster, a little stronger and a lot less sore, right? I know I do. I know many of you do and are already taking certain steps to make some of that happen. You foam roll, take your fish oil, work on mobility, eat sensibly and try to get enough sleep. It helps, but did you know there is more you can do? Some of you participated in some product testing a while back and that product is finally making it to market. The dhamaSPORT is a revolutionary new wristband that uses the ClimaCon patented technology to cool core body temperature facilitating higher performance, lessen fatigue and improve recovery. Some of us tested it rowing and others have worn it during and post-WOD for improved performance and recovery. I personally attribute several performance PR’s to this device and anyone who is serious about their fitness and health should definitely take a look. You can ask John for more information or visit the website You can now order the device for yourself and start experiencing all the benefits of improved performance and recovery!

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