Why it might break your heart…

NorCal Masters

NorCal Masters

It’s only a day away. The start of “The Open”. I wrote about it before here. I broke the news to you that you were NOT going to make it to the CrossFit Games and I gave you 10 reasons why you should still do The Open. Now I am going to tell you why it also might break your heart and why in spite of that, you should still do it.

There is a lot of hype going on right now. For CrossFitters, it’s like tax time. All the work you have put in all year is finally supposed to pay dividends. You might be expecting a BIG refund this year…in the form of your first muscle-up, an improved score or double-unders without permanent scarring. Again, I am saying you “might”. Because just like the IRS, Dave Castro and company sometimes have other plans for all of your hard-earned gains.

All those skills you worked so hard on and those lifts you PR’d this year? They might NOT be in The Open. And those skills you ignored and those lifts you avoided because you just don’t like them? They might BE in The Open. That’s the beauty of it…we just don’t know. Everything you think you know about The Open and how it works…toss it out the window. Muscle-ups at the beginning of a workout? Never. Ummm… HELLO 15.3. There HAVE to be burpees…not a single one in 2015. So what you think you know, you don’t. And what you want to see, you won’t.

And there will be something in there that will break your heart. Why? Because maybe you just can’t do it yet. Maybe it’s too heavy. Maybe you’ve done it before, but it’s just not going to go today. Before there was a scaled division, if you could not do a single rep in a workout, you could not enter a zero for your score. 13.4 broke my heart. It was my first Open, and I could not clean and jerk 95 pounds. I tried and failed for 7 minutes. No score. I was out. Christ, I think I even cried. But now, you have options and by all means use them. Scale if you need to, even if it breaks your heart to do so. There is no shame in scaling, just as there is no virtue in ONLY going RX if you just don’t have the skills. Let it break your heart. And then proceed to pick your heart up off the sweaty floor, wear it on your knee sleeves and move on to the next workout. Have the best revenge sex workout you have ever had. You won’t regret it in the morning. I promise.

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