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Me and my DhamaSPORT!

Me and my DhamaSPORT!

I have to admit, this last year has been an incredible surprise to me. I decided after NorCal Masters last year that I wanted to be better. I wanted to see what I was truly capable of and I decided to try some different things to get there. I work full time, have had an incredibly stressful year in my personal life and it seemed like there was always something trying to throw me off track. I needed to increase my training volume and work harder but because of all the stuff in my way, I also found I needed to work smarter.

This summer I had the opportunity to test a product that I have now found to be one of the keys to the “smarter” aspect of my training. The DhamaSPORT cooling wristband has allowed me to recover faster between workouts and during certain types of workouts, has directly affected my performance during the WOD. I was lucky to get to use this at NorCal Masters this year and I am thoroughly convinced it made a HUGE difference in my ability to recover between WODs and put up some of my best numbers in years, even with an inordinate amount of pressure and stress. I was able to use the product before it was available for sale and bought my own immediately when they were released to the public. Time for a disclaimer: I do not work for them, I don’t represent them, and I bought mine at full retail because I think it’s worth it. Some of my improvements wearing the DhamaSPORT include taking 30 seconds off my 500m row time, a full minute off my Helen time and my best placing in the 5th WOD of the day at NorCal Masters (a workout I had NO business coming in 5th in). I also row a 5K once a week and have cut minutes off my time.  During NorCal Masters this year I wore the DhamaSPORT immediately before and after each WOD to recover faster. I wore it during the absolutely horrible 3 minutes of hell on the Airdyne and during the Run/Row workout. I ended up finishing NorCal Masters with some impressive results – my worst placing this year was my best placing last year and I came in 5th, 6th and 8th in 3 of the WODs. I finished 11th overall, cutting my last year’s finish by almost half.

Most recently, I wore it during 16.4. I had just spent 3 days traveling for work, sitting in conferences literally all day and night and eating horribly. My sleep sucked. I was pretty convinced that 16.4 was going to have to be a throw-away workout. I was exhausted. I did not expect to get past the wall balls – I was that tired. I put on my DhamaSPORT and hoped for the best. 13 minutes later, I not only got all the way through the wall balls, I also got off the rower and had a full minute to attempt a movement I do not have – handstand push-ups. Too bad my DhamaSPORT can’t help me with those! Another benefit for all you 40 plus women…it actually helps with my “temperature control” issues. They aren’t as intense or frequent when I wear it. So why did I decide to write about it? Because I believe as Masters athletes, we need every advantage we can get, and if by wearing a cooling wristband, we can recover faster, I am all for it. I’ve read the science behind it and it’s extremely interesting. That aside, I don’t care whether it works because of the science or because I believe it does. All I know is it works for me and I think other Masters athletes should know about something that might help them as well. Even my son who is a high school track athlete has tried it and wants his own now. You can read more about it here and you can order here. Use promo code freeship and ambassador code JVE and you can get free shipping. Like I said, I don’t represent them, I just had the opportunity to use it before most people and I have been extremely impressed by it. My goal this year is to make the CrossFit Open Masters Qualifier and by all accounts, I am on track to do so for the first time in 4 years.  You can also message me or email me if you have any questions about my experience using it.

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